[title size=»3″]Airfreight Transport[/title]

flechaTransnatur, as an Oficial IATA Agent, is a guarantee that customers will be working with an officially recognised service company with an extensive network of agents. So  Transnatur will always help you choose the air carrier that provides the best combination of safety and economical advantages for your operations.

flechaWorking with Transnatur means to collaborate with a company trusted by the Administration. Transnatur was granted a certificate by AESA (State Agency for the Air Safety) which is an added safety value when it comes to entrusting your goods to us.

flechaWe provide advice on any issues regarding foreign trade that your shipments may require, and we help you prepare all documentation needed (B/L, Letters of Credit, ADR Documentation, etc) to ensure that your air exportation or importation is a success. flechaInteresting Data: CROSSTRADE OPERATIONS (CROSSBOOKING) APLN Customs documentation.