Logistics and Warehousing

flechaWith 86.000m2 of warehousing space for transit and logistics, Transnatur offers comprehensive logistics processes, from inbound control to warehousing, order preparation, transport, allocation information and traceability. All this is supported by the necessary IT processes which Comprehensive Logistics require nowadays.
flechaBesides conventional STORAGE, we provide:
– AEO, Authorised Economic Operator Certification
– Temporary Bonded Warehouse (ADT)
– A-Type PUBLIC Customs Warehouse
– VAT-FREE Warehouse for financial operations (TAX-free system).

– Extensive inbound control of the goods.
– Inbound Electronic confirmation.
– Bulk handling
– Picking & packaging
– Storage, different systems: F.I.F.O., L.I.F.O., F.E.F.O.
– Order preparation
– Packaging, adapted to the needs of the order.
– Personalised labelling
– Control codes to avoid mistakes and guarantee traceability
– On-line stock control
– Sample and completed value-added services
– Barcode reader System
– Marketing and Publicity campaigns.
flechaThanks to state-of-the-art technology, we can design endless communication systems in which we can create interfaces to automate reception and sending out of information.
flechaOur staff is experienced and stable, and able to provide high quality services.
flechaThe automated management of the traceability of the product from its origin to delivery at the final consumer is adapted to every company’s needs and adds quality and security to the finished product. The centralised management of the traceability enables complete control of the whereabouts of the product from origin to the final customer.

logística, Operador logístico

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