TRANSNATUR will take part in the Spanish Biemh for machine tools held from 30 May to 4 June 2016 and organised by the BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTRE and the AFM (Advance Manufacturing Technologies). The main machine tools manufacturing companies around the world will have a presence in this international Trade fair which celebrates its 29th edition.

The BIEMH is a market unifying event that brings together more than 1400 participating companies from 30 different countries that want to show in a very clear way the industrial capabilities of the exhibiting companies to respond to the challenges of the new manufacturing systems that many sectors are facing, as well as the latest and innovative technological improvements in the market.

Every year it attracts thousands of professional people and companies from around the world. They find the perfect place to share, weave and promote any type of collaboration to best suit their business activity.

As in previous years, Transnatur will actively take part in this year’s BIEMH providing advice and assisting our clients at the Fair on all organisational services, storage, manipulations, handling of materials and empties, stand custody and any specific requirements before, during and alter the event.

As a global logistics operator, Transnatur can also take care of the international road, sea and air transport from origin to final destination for any major project or project of vast dimensions including the specific Customs procedures required.

We are very aware of the importance of this gathering event, its significance and the perfect show case for our clients’s business. Our team of professionals will be ready to assist them at all times all through planning, realisation and control of their exhibition.

We wish all participants and organisers that the Biemh will meet their expectations and that this edition will be a boost to their business.